Coronavirus: confirmed the first case of a subway worker and isolated six employees

A worker from the cleaning area of ​​the underground network of the City of Buenos Aires positive for coronavirus and remains hospitalized in a clinic in San Francisco Solano, so six other employees had to be isolated from the same sector.

This was decided by Metrovías, in charge of the service, which also started a disinfection process to prevent further contagion.

Its about first case of a subway worker, who usually performs his tasks on the night shift on line E.

As indicated by the concessionaire, the worker contacted the company to report that the test had given him a positive result, after which protocol was activated established for this type of situation.

On the one hand, six colleagues of the infected worker were isolated, who were able to have contact with him in recent days, while a disinfection of the workplace with quaternary harmonium, indicated for virus removal.

“We received confirmation that a night shift worker on the E line tested positive for his coronavirus swab,” reported the press secretary of the Guild Association of Subway and Meter Workers (AGTSyP), Enrique Rositto.

The spokesperson added that the services of the subway “are being met normally, with the modality of diagram for this moment of the quarantine “.