company confirmed investment of 800 million dollars

The ratification of the investment comes at a time when the local vehicle industry like sales is going through a critical moment

The automaker Volkswagen confirmed today the continuity of its investment of more than US $ 800 million for the modernization process of its two industrial plants, celebrating 40 years of productive presence in the country.

The ratification of the investment comes at a time when the local vehicle and sales industry is going through one of its least developed times, both due to the difficulties of recent years and the effect of the current coronavirus pandemic.

Nowadays, Volkswagen Group Argentina carries out an investment to ensure the sustainability of the Industrial Centers in General Pacheco in the province of Buenos Aires, and in Córdoba.

An investment of US $ 650 million will be allocated to the Pacheco Industrial Center for the implementation of the new global MQB platform that will produce the new Tarek SUV.

A new painting plant will also be set up, the first in the country with technology that allows an average saving of 80% in water, energy and a substantial reduction in the emission of particles.

US $ 150 million will be allocated to the Córdoba Industrial Center for the production of a new 6-speed transmission box MQ281, which will begin to be produced during the first semester of this year to be exported to Europe in its entirety.

Both projects imply a technological leap at the product level and in the production process that offer greater flexibility for the production of new models, which will ensure the sustainability of our plants for the coming years, the company explained on the occasion of its anniversary.

In the two industrial centers, VW employs more than 5,000 people, and in 2019 the brand was the one that sold the most 0km vehicles to the local market, which is why it finished as the leader in sales for 16 consecutive years.

Volkswagen began operations in Argentina in 1980, with the acquisition of Chrysler Fevre Argentina and the two plants in San Justo and Monte Chingolo, Buenos Aires, and until that year the company produced in seven countries in addition to Germany..

Since then, the brand has reached the milestones of 1.5 million units produced in Pacheco and 14 million transmissions produced in Córdoba.

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