A multi-champion with Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona confessed his wishes to play in Boca before retiring

Dani Alves never hid his passion for Boca Juniors. The 36-year-old talented Brazilian soccer player confessed his love for Boca on more than one occasion. In June 2018, per case, he had underlined: “I’m from Boca, long live Boca”. And three years before, on a visit to the Bombonera with your selection, qualified to the mythical stadium as a “Temple of soccer”.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a temple of soccer for those who are passionate about this profession. We take a little walk around here, in the Bombonera. The c … of his mother, one of the largest temples “, he screamed at the top of his voice, not caring about the outburst.

“I’m from Boca, dammit, his mother’s shell, what River, are we crazy? What’s wrong with them? ”, exploded when a millionaire fan chicaneled him to encourage Flamengo in the final of the 2019 Copa Libertadores. Then he regretted it a little, but held his thought. “Be careful what they talk about because it is a controversy later, but I don’t care about anything, I’m from Boca”, concluded.

On this occasion, the multi-champion with Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona confessed his desire to play in Boca before retiring.

“The truth would not be bad, people know the love I have for Boca. And normally it is not because people say: “Mouth, he is big and blah blah blah.” It was always because something different woke me up. There are some situations that identify you with them, it happened to me like when I went to Barcelona ”, assured the Brazilian in a Instagram live.

Weeks ago, The one who got excited about hiring him for Estudiantes de La Plata was its president Juan Sebastián Verón. Also through an Instagram Live, La Bruja referred to the pass market rumors and left a bold proposal. Dani Alves new reinforcement for Estudiantes de La Plata?

“There are many (footballers from the current Estudiantes team) who are at the end of their contract, and Dani Alves must be called to see what he says, if he wants to come.” So answered Juan Sebastián.

Dani Alves is in San Pablo and has a link until December 2022. Although he has an exit clause, the right winger earns about 330 thousand euros a month.