Today’s horoscope, Thursday, April 23, 2020


They will feel uneasy about solving certain problems that a member of their family has. The clarity of his words will give them the opportunity to keep the relationship in an optimal state. Openness will always let us move forward.

Color Moment: snow.


State of joy in front of news that occurs in the family environment. Don’t worry about your finances, you are on the right track. Planning regarding routine can ease them. It is all a matter of using time.

Color Moment: strong yellow.


They find out about issues that concern them in the field of activities. They will be able to draw positive conclusions. A feeling of tiredness will lead them to rethink the relationship. Try to calm down.

Color Moment: purple.


They culminate a stage on the affective plane. They will feel a sense of release that they were needing. This is not the time to feel guilty, but to really know what you want. By respecting what happens to us we will know how to solve.

Color Moment:


Adjust your needs to the rhythm of reality, measure and evaluate every step you take on the economic plane. Surprise on the emotional level, they will tell you things that they did not expect that will make them happy. The joy of being loved.

Color Moment: lime.


The possibility of having an extra mental exit to the routine, take advantage of the good moments that are presented to you that there are always. An affective relationship that will grow over time, know how to wait. Seek to keep a good mood.

Color Moment: orange.


They begin a stage in which the concern will be directed towards solving emotional issues. Do not commit to give an answer on this day with such sensitivity on the emotional level. Resurface, allow yourselves.

Color Moment: indigo.


They manage to stop the inconveniences that could have been generated at the family level. Do not regret having voiced your concerns, however uncomfortable they may have been. They will be more than rewarded. Release.

Color Moment: soft pink.


Important answer that comes at the right time. Their things on the economic plane would be more on track. Do not seek perfection but the common ground between you and the people you love. Sound evolution.

Color Moment: pure green.


Sometimes we find it difficult to change the routine but it is important to try even within the routine. A news item at work will free them from an annoying commitment. Learning and openness of thought. Amplitude.

Color Moment:


They clarify in you a contradiction that you had on the emotional level. The sentimental relationship improves from this. You will dedicate a space of time to reunite with yourself. Rediscovery and feeling of growing.

Color Moment: turquoise.


A family problem can be solved if you sit down to say what you think about it. They are well-suited for dialogues. A new situation in the workplace could present itself for the not too distant future.

Color Moment: gold.