The viral anecdote about the day that Mike Tyson found Brad Pitt with his ex-wife: “He implored me not to hit him”

The cross between Mike Tyson and Brad Pitt it happened in 1989 when the boxer was a megastar of world sport and the young actor from Hollywood was beginning to take its first steps on the big screen. What could have been a friendly meeting between the two figures, actually happened full of tension and on the verge of what could have been a fight.

Who told the anecdote was the athlete eight years ago in the talk show of Conan and then repeated it several times. This week the moment in which he remembered the anecdote on the television program went viral on the networks The Real, in 2016. Back then, Pitt was a consecrated star and he was a former boxer.

The two Americans met at the door of the house of Robin Givens, who had already divorced Tyson, but according to the former heavyweight champion of the world, they still saw each other some nights to have sex. That day, Mike decided to appear without warning and met her at the actor’s hand.

“I had to go to my lawyer’s office, but I wanted to stop by Robin’s house for a ‘quickie’. What can I say, I was young and I missed her.”, acknowledged the former boxer, who confessed: “I was in an emotional coma. They had taken my heart and crushed it, all of that left me completely overwhelmed. I had no energy to fight or anything. “

He also told part of this story in his autobiography. The undisputed truth: “Brad (Pitt) must have been drunk or something, but he implored me not to hit him and told me that they were just reviewing a script”, he pointed out.

The truth is in 2018 that during his participation in the TV program The Wendy Show, Givens, who denounced her ex-husband for abuse, denied that the actor had begged for his life: “No, that never happened. And it’s not true that the relationship didn’t work because of Tyson. ” There, he explained that they both took their work very seriously and had decided to go over some scripts at home so as not to be disturbed by fans on the street. Likewise, the relationship between Givens and Pitt did not prosper and only lasted a few dates.

For his part, the former boxer who currently heads a cannabis cultivation project in California, never showed a grudge for what happened that night: “I’m not mad at Brad in any way. Clearly I don’t hold a grudge against him because if he did, he wouldn’t be alive anymore.”, culminated between laughs.