“Nelson El Corresponsal”, awarded at the New York Festivals for covering the crisis in Ecuador


Be where the news takes you, That was what Nelson Castro intended with The Correspondentl, whose job to TN, TN.com.ar and Telenoche for the coverage of the crisis in Ecuador was awarded this Tuesday at the New York Festivals. The team won the silver medal in the category “News coverage in development”.

In 2019, Nelson Castro left the television set of TN to return to the street. In his own words, he left the comfort of the studio to “return to the essence of journalism”.

“A lot of people asked me ‘what is going to happen now?’ and I was happy “, he assured. “The intention of The Correspondent was to show the facts and the places. That was the capital of the reports: that the story was told through events that spoke for themselves “, he explained.

With that premise, the team led by Nelson traveled to Ecuador to show the social crisis that the country was going through. There, they were kidnapped by a group of indigenous people.

“Ecuador was the first focus of rebellion that spread, for other reasons, to Chile, to Bolivia, to Colombia. There we were kidnapped three and a half hours by the indigenous community and then we had to take refuge for four hours in a hotel without being able to move, “said the journalist.

This coverage, today recognized and awarded internationally, implied an enormous challenge for the team, which managed to transmit from the hottest point of the protests against the economic adjustment of the Lenin Moreno government.

“When we were transmitting, people came with a cell phone, located us and checked what we were saying. This is an indicator element of what today represents the danger of these coverages. People have this possibility of listening to what you say, but not He checks it for information but to find out if you say what they think and, if what you report does not confirm what they think, there are problems. It does not create any conflict for me, but it makes telling the truth come with enormous danger, ” counted to TN.com.ar on the journalistic work carried out in Ecuador.

This year there will be no traditional medal ceremony in Las Vegas for the coronavirus pandemic. The winners were announced through the organization’s official website, where it was also reported that other work by TN, headed by the journalist Carolina Amoroso, It was a finalist among productions from 45 countries around the world. This is the coverage “The dangerous border between Venezuela and Colombia”.

Beyond recognition at the New York Festivals, the team of The Correspondent began to take dimension of the value of his work when on trips people came to tell them that they were looking TN by the reports. “It happened to us in Brazil, Chernobyl, in Berlin, in Puerto Rico, in the Bahamas and in Ecuador. People value the quality and fairness of the coverage “, Nelson said.

“One of the many teachings he left us The Correspondent is that there is a future for journalism, when journalism is done with quality, “reflected the journalist. “There is a future and there are risks, it is these two things that remain as a moral. People need to be well informed, and when they want to, they don’t go to social media, they go to journalism if journalism gives them the evidence that they are reflecting things in their full dimension. “


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