Launch “online” platform to sell 0 km with 12 dealers


A new internet platform for the sale of 0km vehicles was launched yesterday in Córdoba, with the initial participation of 12 dealers.

This is Oportunidades 0km, an initiative of Ariel Ruiz, president of the Córdoba Automotive Chamber of Commerce (CCAC). The site searches for the best price among the lists of values ​​that the points of sale themselves include, including costs, bonuses and discounts.

The goal in a couple of months is to bring together at least 50 dealers and, once the market is out of quarantine and normalized, capture a two percent share of sales in Córdoba.

This was highlighted by Ruiz, who anticipated that for now it is about opportunities to buy new vehicles in cash. But in a second stage, it is planned to include funded options.

“The sector is going through an unfavorable situation. However, it is a good time to launch this initiative because the quarantine made the buyer get used to digital and, once the situation is normal, it will be more suitable for online transactions, “said the president of Oportunidades 0km .

The procedure

The platform finds opportunities among the price lists that dealers load.

The customer can search by categories (car type, segment, brand, price range, etc.). Once you have made your choice, the system allows you to reserve the unit for 48 hours at your chosen dealership.

“The main advantage of the internet is that it allows the market to be transparent. In addition, nobody travels more than two dealerships anymore, ”he clarified.

Then, a card is sent asking for all the information necessary for billing and to prepare the documentation for vehicle registration.

From there, the buyer receives the invoice with all the details of the vehicle, the business and the dealer and pays directly through a transfer or deposit.

Subsequently, the dealership sends the vehicle documentation to the customer’s address. The platform itself assists the buyer in registering with the National Registry of Automotive Property at no additional cost.

For now, registration is done in person. But the Registry advances the possibility that this procedure be done virtually, according to Ruiz.

Once registered, the delivery of the vehicle in 72 hours is coordinated with the dealership.

As the quarantine is currently in force for car dealerships and terminals, the vehicles cannot be delivered, so the buyer who reaches this stage must wait for the Government to authorize these activities.

Hope intact

The social isolation imposed by the national government to stop the coronavirus caused the total stoppage of the sale and delivery of vehicles at dealerships.

In fact, on Wednesday the Registries were reopened throughout the country after the quarantine, but even when a vehicle is already registered, it cannot be delivered because the restriction for points of sale and factories was not lifted.

“We are working with the CCAC to achieve some kind of flexibility,” said Ruiz.

Market forecasts, projected the businessman, indicate that this year between 200 and 250 thousand units could be patented in the country, a figure that just three years ago exceeded 900 thousand units.

“It is a time of great uncertainty. There are too many doubts in the factories about how they will go about producing again, and a stock that represents between four and five months of sales remains on the market. But there is also optimism, because when the quarantine is lifted the sector will reactivate; it only needs some measure of the Government that helps to stimulate the sales “, indicated Ruiz


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