Epec and business chambers advance to finance the payment of bills

“This measure to be applied is a very important relief and we receive it as very good news. Better even than the order that we placed with several chambers ”, this is how Marcelo Uribarren, president of the Industrial Union of Córdoba, celebrated the confirmation that the Provincial Energy Company (EPEC) will begin to specify the payment scheme with that and other entities of emergency for the invoices of March, April and May of commerce and industries.

To this end, the leader anticipated that this Wednesday the 22nd in the morning a meeting with authorities of the provincial company is scheduled to learn more details.

Epec’s call implies putting into effect resolution 173 of the Ministry of Productive Development of the Nation, which regulated Decree 311 referring to the cut of services. It was published in recent days in the Official Gazette. Several of its aspects will be defined in the coming days by the national government.

In short, what it will allow is that businesses and industries affected by the quarantine, that do not register activity or have suffered sharp falls in their turnover; they can postpone the payments of the invoices from March, April and May to September 30, canceling them from then on in 30 installments, ”said Uribarren.

The leader gave the news at the end of a conversation with the provincial Minister of Production, Eduardo Accastello; from whom you received the details.

Uribarren pointed out that before this portfolio, the UIC, the Córdoba Chamber of Foreign Trade, the Córdoba Chamber of Commerce and the Córdoba Commercial Federation (Fedecom) had channeled a joint order to obtain discounts on the cost of energy from Cammesa; that by that route he was elevated to the Nation.

“This that came out surprised us pleasantly,” said Uribarren, also highlighting the actions of the national Productive Development Ministry. As he pointed out, energy can represent up to 10 percent of the cost of operating an industry.

Ezequiel Cerezo, president of Fedecom, said: “It was a claim that we had been making with various institutions. A priori it seems to us great news, necessary. Now we have to analyze the operation and especially how it will be applied by the cooperatives that provide service inside”.