Coronavirus in Argentina: employees of a nursing home were isolated with older adults to avoid infections


There are more and more geriatric what are they presenting massive infections and even coronavirus deaths. Only in the last week, cases were known in residences of the City of Buenos Aires, in Belgrano, Parque Avellaneda and Flores. In Don Torcuato, however, employees and people in charge of the place decided to isolate themselves along with the 50 residents to contain possible infections.

“We thought there were going to be four or five, but suddenly we were ten,” said one of the workers in dialogue with TN. And he explained how difficult it is for everyone to have had to leave their families to fulfill this task.

In the place, there are nurses, geriatric assistants and staff covering other areas, such as the laundry room or kitchen. However, there are no doctors. “They come once in a while,” said Rossanna Di Fabbio, the institution’s director. “If it is necessary to review a patient we bring them forward. We are handling it with all the responsibility and delicacy that we can, “he assured.

The authority of this nursing home explained that specialists are connected with them all the time and that they go to the residence, but “they stay ahead with the medical records”, so that they do not have to be in contact with the grandparents unless necessary.

Regarding what is happening in other nursing homesDi Fabbio assured that “it is sad”, but that he cannot judge. “I only know the conscience that we have, I know what we are doing from the heart and the responsibility that we take. I am convinced of what I am doing and we are giving life. I don’t know how the others worked, “he said.

Being isolated is not easy for staff or grandparents. “We had to help them download Skype and some did not even know how to use WhatsApp, “said a nurse, adding:” When they feel like it, we approach them and make a video call with their families, and they re enjoy it. “

Regarding her employees, the woman highlighted: “The staff is worth gold. Without them I could not, they do a job that I think is not highly valued and what they do is very strong. ”

In their case, Di Fabbio said that they cry and laugh together, which sometimes cost them and “fall”. To the director of this nursing home empowers her to be encouraged by doctors. “They are always telling me that what I am doing is very good,” he said.

In addition, the relatives of the residents also appreciate this gesture from the caregivers. “Families call us to congratulate and thank usThey tell us that we deserve to be an example, “said Di Fabbio.

This nursing home opened in 1972, it was founded by Di Fabbio’s father, who was the medical director of the institution. The man is a gerontologist, but he is currently 81 years old and retired at home with his wife. “They are proud and cry because they see their daughters on TV,” said the director of the institution.

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(Photo: TN Web)
(Photo: TN Web)


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