Coronavirus: 40 infected and one dead in a nursing home in Flores

About 35 older adults and five employees of the Beit Sión home, located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of flowers, were referred to different health centers this week after having tested positive for coronavirus, although the majority of them did not present symptoms of the disease and remained “stable”, reported those responsible for this nursing home.

“We pay the 170 tests to the 80 older adults and 90 employees,” Mauricio Baredes, president of the management committee of the establishment located at Condarco 458, told Telam.

For his part, Ricardo Barmat, medical director of the home, assured that according to the results obtained this Wednesday, “of the 35 internees, 35% are asymptomatic.”

With the swabs we discover the asymptomatic and this changes the norm for nursing homes to have to hospitalize residents with 37.5 fever and respiratory symptoms, because the asymptomatic spreads the virus and continues to spread, “he warned.

Barmat assured that if they had not acted prematurely “the geriatric environment would be dead” and maintained “that the raw data” will be received within 15 days.

The origin of the case

On April 7, a male resident of the home died of coronavirus after being hospitalized since March 16, four days before the national government ordered compulsory social isolation.

Following this case, Baredes explained: “The alarm went off to carry out the protocol.” From there, they contacted the Buenos Aires government to get swabs done for all residents and employees of the home, but “they said they had to have a fever” to have the test done.

The 35 older adults were hospitalized each with their social work, of which only four of them presented symptoms.

Baredes added that the older adults hospitalized are “stable” and “none with a respirator”, while four employees who tested positive are hospitalized and a fifth case is close to being discharged.

Regarding the household staff, he indicated that Of the 90 who work at the institution, only those five presented symptoms of Covid-19.

“This allowed doctors to work with retrovirals earlier,” he said and said: “We do not know how they were infected since it is very difficult to determine case 0.”

In the Beit Sión home, according to Baredes, there were 45 people without coronaviruses and 40 employees who cannot leave because they agreed to work 15 days for 15 francs, and only doctors can visit the nursing home. “They are armored,” he said.

Death by COVID-19

Weeks ago, in a statement, the director of the Beit Sion Home for the Elderly, Ricardo Barmat, reported that the positive case of COVID-19 had been confirmed in the nursing home on April 7 and the authorities of the institution took preventive measures to isolate to all the staff and residents who had contact with him.

The fatal victim, identified by the initials E.G, had been interned on April 1.

“A month ago we decided to take advance measures restricting the movement of professionals and family members. Sectors of insulation were made, which at the moment covers the six rooms on the 4th floor. Circulation through these areas is extremely restricted with personnel with adequate infectious protection, ”explained Barmat on that occasion.

The quarantine of all personnel in contact with G E.G ’was decided. The GCBA authorities send the Home an inspection of 4 doctors decided by Dr. Paula Trunso, responsible for the Executing Unit of the Registry and inspection of Geriatric Establishments of the GCBA, which instructs us that the Institution has developed all the corresponding measures with the event and circumstances that the current pandemic exposes us, therefore we must continue with the measures taken in due course by the Directorate of the Institution, ”added the statement.

The Beit Sion Home, located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Flores, provides residence for 84 self-reliant, semi-dependent or dependent grandparents.

This Tuesday night, SAME evacuated a nursing home in the Belgrano neighborhood with 19 infected and the City government resolved to close it and denounce those responsible to justice. The relatives of the elderly will declare by videoconference.

The case of a residence for older adults in Parque Avellaneda was also reported, which registered one dead and at least eight infected. PAMI decided to move the 45 people who lived there to other homes.