Alberto Fernández will announce the extension of the quarantine until May 10

The President will speak to the country this Friday night to confirm that compulsory social isolation continues. What changes are expected

President Alberto Fernández will announce this Friday night, from the Olivos Residence, the extension of the “targeted” quarantine until May 10 inclusive, while analyzing “excepting new regional activities”.

This was anticipated by sources close to the head of state, who specified that the President “continues to listen to the requests of all the governors, so that new regional activities could be excepted.”

“The announcement will surely be tomorrow night. Alberto is going to speak to the Argentines and he is going to communicate that the best thing is to extend the quarantine until May 10,” they emphasized.

In addition, they affirmed that the President “is going to be very hard” with monitoring compliance with social isolation, since “he is not going to put at risk what has been achieved so far, which is one of the few successes in the world “

“It is not going to give away the economic and social effort that was made with the quarantine. It is going to be opened by territory, for which the health responsibility is shared,” relatives close to Argentine News reported.

At this moment of the quarantine, the Executive speaks of “a possible scenario of contagions by outbreaks, but not at a rate that could generate an explosion of the health system.”

Many foci of infection will appear, but they can be contained. These outbreaks will increase the number of cases, but the real problem is the conglomerate, “the sources told the Noticias Argentinas agency.

The government considers that “the flattening of the contagion curve is not yet irreversible,” and that “there is a possibility that the peak of cases will be slight in June if things continue to be done well, as they have been up to now.”

As they predict in the environment of the President, that the number of cases “is less than expected” during the peak of the pandemic “depends on what is done next week”, so it is “crucial what type of opening we are going to do”.

There is a real opening and another that is fictitious. A real opening is one that mobilizes some sector of the economy, not that people go running“they exemplified.

Being “in a period prior to the peak”, the leaders closest to the President stated that he is “obsessed with the curve and with mathematical statistical models that allow him to visualize week by week how the situation is going to be.”

Finally, they assured that the openings will be “in the interior of the country, because the AMBA (Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area) is going to be preserved.”

“The AMBA is going to be preserved because Capital is the big problem. The virus came here, our zero cases were here, this is where the virus circulates the most,” they added, despite the fact that it is currently in the Buenos Aires suburbs where the largest population is concentrated. number of infected.

Decisive meeting with scientists and doctors

President Alberto Fernández led a meeting on Thursday with scientists and doctors who make up the committee of experts that advises him on the fight against the coronavirus, with whom he analyzed the evolution of the pandemic when the last extension of compulsory isolation is three days away. effective from March 20.

The meeting took place in the quincho of the Olivos residence, where the president holds face-to-face and videoconference meetings to monitor the evolution of the pandemic in Argentina.

As reported by official sources, the WHO / PAHO Special Ambassador for Latin America and the Caribbean, Mirta Roses; the scientific director of the Guest Foundation, Pedro Cahn; and the head of the Argentine Society of Infectious Diseases, Omar Sued.

Also in attendance were the president of the Argentine Emergency Society, Gonzalo Camargo; and specialists Angela Spagnuolo de Gentile, Gustavo Lopardo, Florencia Cahn, Carlota Russ, Eduardo López, and Luis Cámera.

Fernández was accompanied by the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero; the Minister of Health, Ginés Gonzáles García, and the Secretary for Access to Health, Carla Vizzotti.

The meeting was called to analyze the progress of the “administered” quarantine, which expires on Sunday and after another meeting that the Minister of Health held with specialists during the morningto.

In this sense, yesterday the governmental committee met to analyze the requests of the provinces to make more flexible some of the activities closed in the framework of the social isolation that governs until April 26 and from which more activities could be excepted from the next week..

The meeting of the General Coordination Unit of the Comprehensive Plan for the Prevention of Public Health Events, created for the exchange of information between the portfolios and the reception of proposals by the provinces to advance in a “managed quarantine”, was coordinated by Cafiero, for approximately three hours, in the Hall of Scientists of the Government House.

Last night, the Government authorized the resumption of works begun in the private sphere and the exercise of some professions, such as those of lawyers and accountants, although these exceptions will run for a small group of provinces and always in tune with rigid protocols.

According to Minister González García, in statements released during the week, preventive and compulsory social isolation “will continue in a different way, with other types of phases,” according to developments in the provinces.

For this same reason, during the last days, the Interior Minister Eduardo ´Wado´ De Pedro held dialogues with different governors, who brought him up to date on the situation in his provinces, as well as to evaluate if they continue in the same way the isolation or if they make some activities or regions more flexible, since there are places that have not registered infections so far.

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