A light in the Los Hornos sky puzzled the neighbors, was it a UFO?


Several residents of the Los Hornos locality in La Plata reported Strange lights in the sky during Wednesday night. Although they believe it may have been a drone, the Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO) continues to investigate.

“Minutes before 9pm, residents of Los Hornos were convulsed by the strange presence of a flying object that loitered the area for more than 20 minutes. A couple observed the flight of the device that he was at low altitude and emitting very strong flashes “, reported from FAO.

The group of researchers of these phenomena in La Plata and the region received several testimonies. “At times it would stop and change from white to red, everything in complete silence “, they noted.

From the FAO they explained that the neighbors emphasized the fact that the object made no noise so they doubted if it really was a drone.

“The versions differ, since someone saw that it had a triangular shape and others a single light body, although a witness glimpsed lateral flashes accompanying the flight “, they said.

Although they believe that it is most likely a drone, FAO President Luis Burgos assured this newspaper that “Tonight many will stay on duty.”


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