The Buenos Aires Health Minister clarified his projections on coronavirus: “On the worst day we will have 3,000 beds occupied”

The Minister of Health of the City of Buenos Aires, Fernán Quiros, assured that the Buenos Aires government expects that on the worst day of the coronavirus pandemic there will be 3,000 beds occupied in the Federal Capital. In this way, he clarified statements he had made yesterday where it was understood that 3000 infections were expected per day during the most difficult days of the outbreak.

We are hoping that on the busiest day we will have 3,000 beds occupied, not 3,000 new patients per day. That is why we prepare 2,200 beds in hotels for mild patients. The health system has prepared for that day to have 600 additional beds for general hospitalization and about 200 for intensive care“The official reported at a press conference where the head of government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, announced economic measures.

According to the estimates of the Buenos Aires administration, that day will arrive in the second half of May. “It could be delayed or advanced because they are projections, not exact evaluations,” said the specialist. This view contradicts that of some experts who assure that due to the effect of the total quarantine, the peak of the pandemic had been transferred to June.

There was a misinterpretation of a legislator. I explained that at the end of May we will have the busiest days. They confused the number of beds per day with the number of patients per day. If there were 3,000 patients in one day, we would need 10,000 beds a daya ”, raised.

Quiros said that if the quarantine were to be relaxed or tightened, the projections could be altered.

For now, the quarantine will be more restrictive in the Federal Capital and in the large urban centers. For example, physical activity is not currently planned to be authorized in these locations. The head of the Cabinet analyzes instead if he allows some gastronomic establishments to add to his offer the possibility of “take away”.