Coronavirus | The relatives of the retirees rebuked the owners of the nursing home: “They are liars”

After more than six hours of operation, SAME evacuated the nursing home in Belgrano after health authorities warned of a massive spread of coronavirus at the site. In between, relatives of the residents approached and they had a hard crossing with Luis Megyes, the agent of the establishment.

“There has been no one here for 72 hours. There are no staff, doctors. You are a liar. You have six clinics, put your face on it, “a man yelled at him.

For his part, a visibly hurt woman said to him: “You ruined us. We leave the old men in your hands, Luis. You want to decree bankruptcy, you want to get grandparents out on the street. “

The attorney explained the situation according to the nursing home. “We had a documented episode of coronavirus. From that day we try to refer other patients and we communicate the situation to the relatives, in order to anticipate this moment “, the story began.

“But the City Government told us that it was not feasible He excused himself, that it was not the right thing according to the health reality, but that they were going to put themselves in charge. We always wanted to refer them. This situation seems to me kafkiana “.

In addition, Megyes said: “The problem was that we could not isolate each patient in a room, and the nurses had infected us and we had no staff. We were desperate. “