Coronavirus | “Infected rats, go away”: an infected doctor was threatened and set on fire by his car

In addition to the applause and expressions of thanks, in recent weeks they also met attacks on healthcare personnel fighting on the front line against the coronavirus pandemic. In this case, the victims were a doctor from La Rioja who contracted the disease and her family, who set the car on fire. In addition, they left a poster with a terrible message: “Infected rats go away.”

The attack targeted Claudia Salguero, head of intensive care at the Enrique Vera Barros regional hospital in La Rioja. The woman was isolated 20 days ago, when the coronavirus test confirmed that she had been infected. He is now awaiting a second test to confirm whether he recovered.

The incident occurred in the early hours of Tuesday at the door of the house of Salguero’s daughter, where her ex-husband was also located. The doctor is isolated in another address.

“Around 5 o’clock they heard the dogs barking and when they came out They saw that the truck was on fire. They approached to try to put out the fire and found a sign that said ‘infected rats go away’ “, the woman related in dialogue with TN.

The poster left by the attackers. (Photo: Facebook Claudia Salguero)

Salguero assured that they cannot imagine who could have carried out the attack. “We have no enemies in the neighborhood. Only one person verbally expressed their disagreement that my family lives there, “he said.

So was the doctor's car after it was set on fire. (Photo: Facebook Claudia Salguero)
So was the doctor’s car after it was set on fire. (Photo: Facebook Claudia Salguero)

The doctor highlighted that, a few days ago, she had criticized through social networks the sayings of the governor of La Rioja, Ricardo Quintela, who blamed health personnel for coronavirus infections in the province, stating that “they do not take the necessary precautionary measures.” The official later apologized.

“Those sayings had fallen ill on me in the sense that I am a direct participant in the first case of Covid-19 that La Rioja had, which made me feel hurt,” said Salguero. “The first thing that doctors teach us is to respect biosecurity measures to take care of ourselves and the patient. No one plans to want to catch it “, stressed.

For his part, Quintela expressed his support for the doctor through Twitter. “I place myself at the disposal of this family that suffers today violent and excessive actions due to discrimination and lack of empathy. I have already instructed the security forces to investigate those responsible for this act so that the full weight of the law falls on them, “he wrote.

The professional made it clear that in the hospital where she works materials were never lacking that prevented them from complying with the necessary hygiene measures and stressed that they always complied with sanitary protocols.

The head of the La Rioja Police, Rubén Garay, told the agency Telam than “the fact is in the hands of the Directorate of Investigations who is looking for cameras from local residents, in addition to looking at the images they have for security on the cameras on the block. “