Coronavirus in Argentina | Relatives of the grandparents of the nursing home in Belgrano denounce abandonment

A complex situation is experienced in a nursing home in Belgrano, where there are a large number of infected coronavirus. The relatives denounce that doctors abandoned older adults.

In dialogue with TNPatricia expressed: “They have lied to us about everything. This started on Sunday morning when they sent us an email saying that there were cases in the residence. And then they asked us to come and look for our relatives because on Monday There would be no staff to take care of them

In addition, the daughter of a woman who lives in this nursing home on Avenida de los Incas at 3000 denounced: “We call the two doctors of the place, but they were erased and they left usNo one answered us. So some people came looking for their loved ones and took them away. But I can’t because my mom is disabled and needs help. “

Patricia said that her mother is one of the residents who became infected with Covid-19, and that when she called 107 to find out how to proceed, they gave her that she would have to take care of her herself. “They told me it was my problem. As there are no doctors in the place, each family called their prepaid to send an ambulance and attend to them, “he closed.

In this residence, at least 19 older adults tested positive for coronavirus, out of a total of 29 people who live there. Five other studies are being carried out and there would also be infections among the local staff.