Verón, Ronaldinho, Totti, Baggio and Créspo: the incredible collection of T-shirts that is being auctioned to help in the fight against the coronavirus

“I’d rather give a person a plate than keep my T-shirts stored”

Football player Victor Hugo Mareco has decided to open his wardrobe to collaborate with as many people as possible, within the framework of the coronavirus pandemic which is affecting the entire world. While in Europe there is debate about the reduction of millionaire wages and there are even stars who refuse to give in, the Paraguayan has decided to change his memories for food.

The 36-year-old man born in Asunción started the campaign through his social networks and immediately began receiving calls. “I’d be lying to you if I said it’s easy to get rid of my shirts. My lady had the idea to do something to help people in these difficult times and we decided this”, Declared in dialogue with the site ABC Color.

Mareco played in Italian soccer for more than 10 years, between 2001 and 2012, and there he had the opportunity to face the best players of the time. At the end of each game, he was always looking for some figure to be able to exchange jackets and that’s how he managed to have an important collection that can be seen in the photos that he spread.

Among the most prominent are the Alessandro Costacurta (Milan), Adriano (Inter de Milan), Mario Yepes (Milan), Carlos Tevez (Boca Juniors), Hernán Créspo (Inter de Milan), Ronaldinho, (Milan), Francesco Totti (Rome), Roberto Baggio (Brescia), Samuel Eto’o (Inter Milan) and Juan Sebastián Verón (Inter de Milan). Some of them have already left home due to high demand.

“There are two shirts that were gone before the auction started. The first one was Edinson Cavani because a man gave me 320 food kits for her. The other is that of Ronaldiño of Milan, I sold it to a person who was dying for her and loved her yes or yes, ”Mareco said.

But they still have most of them and they are all available to whoever wants them: “People can still sign up on 0991 273322 and the person who offers the most in the end would take the shirt.”

The former Paraguayan footballer surprised with this initiative to which several people have joined through Twitter, who also decided to sell or auction these relics, in order to help those who suffer most from the coronavirus. “It hurts a lot, but if I have to choose I would rather give a person a plate of food than keep my T-shirts stored”said defender who is currently free.

Mareco He wore the colors of Brescia and Hellas Verona in Italy until 2012 when he flew to Paraguay to play at Cerro Porteño. He was also part of Nacional, Sol de América and Club Independiente, all from his country. In Paraguay there are 208 confirmed coronavirus cases and eight deaths, so the country is in isolation to prevent the spread of Covid 19.