The Cordoba Mobbex closed an agreement with Visa and aims to triple its scale

Help small and medium businesses to sell more, accepting debit and credit cards quickly and easily. That is the mission stated by the fintech Cordovan Mobbex and gives an idea of ​​the complementarity that the business of this digital payment management company can have with that of a financial giant such as Visa International.

So the startup Cordoba, born in 2015, has just signed a collaboration agreement with the multinational to jointly promote the expansion of the acceptance of payments with plastics. For Mobbex, the deal is a huge boost to its growth.

“Today we work with five thousand businesses across the country. The goal is to reach the end of the year with 15 thousand ”, anticipated Atilio Cerbán, CEO of Mobbex and its founder, together with his partners Román Sarria and Gerardo Vettorelo.

Through this collaboration with Visa, the company will promote accessible collection and card payment solutions for all businesses.

Among the services it offers are “PC POS”, a app hybrid desktop (can be used on PC) that allows converging face-to-face charges with card readers and operations in e-commerce through Web POS, check out, payment orders and subscriptions.

Mobbex developments include a credit and debit card reader that connects to the PC (Mox).

“For us this is a great incentive and a very important boost as a brand. Being linked to Visa helps us gain trust from users. In addition to giving us access to the great know how of the industry that this company has and to a valuable network of contacts, ”said Cerbán.

For Visa, the benefit is to expand the park and the use of plastics in the country, especially outside large cities and to reach smaller businesses, a territory of particular interest to Mobbex and where the penetration of electronic payment methods it is still low.

Besides, the startup It will collaborate with the promotion of new technologies that the multinational brings to the country, such as contact less, which allows payments just by approaching the card to the collection terminal.

“Mobbex was part of the Visa’s Everywhere Initiative and we are pleased to be able to collaborate with them now, it is a sign of our commitment to fintech to boost the growth of electronic payments in the country ”; they pointed out from Visa to La Voz.

Open innovation

The relationship between Cordoba and Visa was born two years ago, when the startup She was chosen as a finalist in the aforementioned Visa’s Everywhere Initiative, a global open innovation program promoted by the multinational.

In this context, in 2018 Mobbex participated in a three-day immersion program in Miami at the Visa Innovation Center in that city and opened collaborative ties in terms of innovation in payment management.

The proposal of the local firm includes two types of solutions for the management of payments in shops with different degrees of benefits and on which the startup charges commissions for operations under its platform.

One is Mobbex Ready, for smaller businesses that allow you to create an account and start managing payments; Another is Mobbex Direct, with a higher degree of professionalization for businesses that are gaining scale.

From the portfolio of five thousand that operate with the fintechAbout 300 do it for Direct and are of intermediate scale, such as the Pintecord or Ama Hogar paint network. The rest are smaller businesses that use Ready.

Fintech world: Investments

Argentina was third in the Latin American ranking.

U $ S152 M Disbursements. According to a Finnovating study, in 2019 the country raised that amount of money for investments in local “fintech” companies.

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