The emotional memory of Mirtha Legrand of her son, 21 years after his death: “I will never forget you”

While complying with the mandatory quarantine in his department in Palermo, Mirtha Legrand He went to his Instagram account to remember your child, Daniel Tinayre, 21 years after his death. The diva published two photos in which she is seen together with him and his daughter, Marcela, and wrote a short but emotional text.

“On the anniversary of your departure, I remember you together with the whole family and your lifelong friends, with the same love and affection that you gave us in life. I will never forget you, Dany dearMirtha wrote next to the photos. In a matter of minutes, the publication surpassed 10,000 likes and received countless messages of support from its followers.

And he continued: “The kindest being I have ever met in my life. How rich he was, precious, very handsome, and he had such a cute, contagious smile that made us laugh. He was the kindest person I ever met, the kindest. He passed away in my house. I read him books when he was in bed, he put on a robe, I went to him and read to him, and he looked at me … I remember the moment he died, he told me that he wanted to see the sun, the street, the trees. He was in front of a huge window, he turned his head and fell asleep.

Daniel Tinayre, who would be 71 years old today, was born on August 20, 1948, surrounded by actors and film sets. His mother, back then, was a movie star but not a television star. They were years of hard work for the diva: between 1940 and 1956 there was a single year in which she did not release a film (1953). There were 29 feature films in 16 years. It was no wonder, then, that his arrival was announced at work: during the filming of The portrait, before passing out.

Died in 1999 after months of fighting pancreatic cancer. Little was known of his private life. He worked at a vet on Thames Street, in the Palermo neighborhood. It was a contagious smile. A pintón type with a reserved life.

He liked literature. I fantasized about writing scripts. However, he did not want to appear in the press or follow in his mother’s footsteps. “He has a passion for his father. For me too, but for his father much more. My children have had more freedom to discuss intimate matters with their father than with me. I am a puritan, what am I going to do? At one time they got along very badly and I suffered a lot for that. But I think that the children, seeing that their parents grow old, are getting closer, “Mirtha told the magazine. People in 1972.

The death of Daniel Tinayre father in 1994 brought them closer. Young Daniel was one of the people who supported his mother the most, accompanying her in every act, procedure or grief season. “I accepted it, but never discussed it with him. Neither did I discuss it with my husband. My son was a very discreet, charming person, an adorable boy ”, he told in an interview to Faces about your child’s private life.

It was Daniel himself who he told his mother about his illness, one day before the birthday of the diva, who suspended the celebrations. “Since Daniel got sick, the lady only answers the phone to talk to her sister Silvia, with his daughter Marcela or with the producer Carlos Rottemberg“Elba, one of her historical employees, said at the time.

After spending some time at the Clínica del Sol, Mirtha He received him at home, gave him his room and conditioned it so that he was comfortable. There was the window and the bed, where Mirtha spent hours accompanying him, doing massages to ease his pain or just talking.