RapiHogar finds the return to the fear of the market to call the service

RapiHogar, a maintenance services platform born in Córdoba, found the main challenge that the Covid-19 virus generates, which is to overcome the fear of contagion.

It incorporated telediagnosis, with which it evaluates remotely if it is an urgent resolution problem and the possibility, in certain services, of carrying out the repair remotely or with the direct participation of the end user.

This platform was born in 2012 in DoingLabs, the incubator of the Blas Pascal University (UBP) but it took its current form four years ago. Based on a national expansion plan, it has so far managed to add 2,000 providers in more than 20 service lines and 30,000 users – half of them in Córdoba – with a growth rate in the number of final customers from five to 10 monthly percent.

With a team of 13 people and the accompaniment of the Incutex accelerator, it has coverage throughout the country in some services.

“The advancement of the coronavirus makes the user have a certain fear of bringing a technician to their home and the provider is also afraid of arriving at a home where they do not know the health conditions of their members. This impacts sales “, explained Mariano Buxdorf, founder and CEO of RapiHogar.

Telediagnosis allows the user to contact a technician through chats, telephone communications or online forms; makes an assessment and determines the urgency of solving it.

The platform recently incorporated the computer service and PC maintenance. In this case, once evaluated and agreed with the user, the task is done remotely and charged as any e-commerce operation.

For home maintenance and repair it is also remotely evaluated. If the user approves the service, the technician goes home with all the necessary materials, after evaluating the health conditions for both parties. If it is not urgent, you are offered a shift when the quarantine is lifted and the remote diagnosis is not charged.

If the work is not too complex and the user agrees, it is advised for the client to do, although it is not a too generalized alternative due to the guarantee of the work and the expertise of the users.

In October of last year, RapiHogar began a process of incorporating new services. His main bet is aimed at the corporate market.

“It is a more stable type of client, looking for quality solutions. This allowed Adecco, Siglo 21, Ecipsa and insurance companies to be added as clients for their home coverage. This is the reason for extending coverage to the entire country, ”added the entrepreneur.

Asked about the impact of the quarantine on the platform, he clarified that like all virtual services it has achieved “more exposure on the network, but in terms of the number of features the platform has been affected.”