Coronavirus in Argentina: the anesthesiology area of ​​the Fernández hospital is closed for a case in a resident

A resident second year of Fernández Hospital, who had participated a week ago in surgery and a work meeting, tested positive in a test coronavirus. Given this, the institution decided close the anesthesiology area, lay off all surgeries and isolate staff who was in close contact with him. There’s also an anesthesiologist with symptoms compatible with covid-19 that she is hospitalized waiting for the test results.

In dialogue with TN, the director of the hospital Ignacio Previgliano confirmed the existence of this positive case and assured that “all appropriate measures were taken” to prevent the spread of the virus.

“It is the first case that we have documented from the hospital, it is a second-year anesthesiology resident who April 15 started with a headache, low-grade fever and difficulty swallowing“said the manager of the Buenos Aires hospital.

And continued: “He was sent in isolation and on the 19th he started with a higher fever, sweating which is why he was admitted to a private institution because of his prepayment “. According to Previgliano, there a swab was made to verify the presence of the covid-19.

The director of Fernández explained that as soon as they found out about the positive, the institution began to study close contacts, “those who were with him for more than 15 minutes without a mask or, even more closely, in meetings.”

To bring peace of mind, Previgliano reported that the procedures that this anesthetist did in the operating room were with the entire team, so “did not put any patient at risk”. “He could not have been infected in the hospital either because was not in contact with covid patients positive at the institution, “he explained.

Finally, the director recognized that they do not know the way of contagion but that “he he has a girlfriend who is also a doctor and works in another institution“implying that she could have infected him.

The infected anesthesiologist entered the operating room of the Buenos Aires hospital last Tuesday to perform an endoscopy with several colleagues. The next day, he was part of a work meeting with more than 10 anesthesiologists, between the plant and the residents.

On Wednesday the 15th, he began to feel bad and decided to take his temperature while he was still in the institution. It was 37.5 °, so that protocol was not activated but he went to his home.

However, the symptoms continued and on Saturday he was admitted to the Bazterrica clinic, already with higher fever, cough and sore throat. There, they carried out the test that confirmed that he was infected with Covid-19.

Facing the health emergency due to the pandemic, the Fernández Hospital had already reduced its activity from 10 operating rooms to 3. Now, having had to close the anesthesiology sector, only attends to cases of extreme urgency in the guard, like the sinister vials, the wounded of bullets or the caesarean sections.

According to the latest figures revealed by the National Ministry of Health, according to data from the epidemiological surveillance system, there are 431 members of the health staff with coronavirus. Of which, 130 were infected by working in health establishments and the rest have a travel history or are close contacts of the same. Further, four professionals died because of the virus.

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(Photo: TN Web Infographic)
(Photo: TN Web Infographic)