Coronavirus in Argentina | Long lines in the dining rooms of Constitución for a plate of food

In full quarantine for the coronavirus and the worsening of the economic crisis, the food demand in the dining rooms. In one of the healthcare centers in Constitución there are long lines of people waiting to take away a serving of food.

In a dining room located in Pedro Echagüe at 1200 that belongs to the Confederation of Workers of the Popular Economy (CTEP) they stopped delivering 1200 to 5500 servings daily.

At the door there are long lines of people from vulnerable sectors, waiting to take a plate of food home. They say that they have been using the dining room for a long time and that every time more people shows up there, in order to survive.

At the beginning of the month the Minister of Social Development Daniel Arroyo He warned that in the first weeks of compulsory virus isolation, the demand for food grew from 8 to 11 million people.

Everything in a context where they lose income families who live in changas or have informal jobs, who cannot carry out their activities because they cannot leave their homes. That is why aid such as the Emergency Family Income (IFE) of $ 10,000 was implemented to alleviate the situation.

What are the symptoms of coronavirus and how is it prevented (Infographic:
What are the symptoms of coronavirus and how is it prevented (Infographic: