want to impose a tax on banks and financial operators

It is a project of the Front of All. The tribute, according to the initiative, would be used to finance the health system

The Buenosairean legislator of the Front of All (FdT) Santiago Roberto today presented a bill for the city government to charge “one time only” and due to the Covid-19 pandemic a 1% tax on the “main banks and operators of the financial system”.

According to the initiative, the extraordinary tax would be charged to “companies and individuals who have paid or should have paid Gross Income in 2019 for an amount equal to or greater than 30 million pesos.”

That tax would go to “financing of the health system and the measures taken in the framework of the economic and social emergency“reported the deputy.

“Those who pay this tax will be the main banks and operators of the financial system, insurers, digital platforms and operators of gaming centers, among others,” said Roberto.

To guarantee transparency in the implementation of the tax, the legislator explained that the City’s General Audit Office should be in charge of “controlling the perception and application of the generated resources and preparing a monthly report to the Legislature.”

From the proceeds, “50% will go to equipping the health system“while the other half” will supply school canteens and picnic areas in the most humble neighborhoods and will assist small businesses and businesses affected by the fall in economic activity, “he explained.

Roberto pointed out that in 2019, according to the Central Bank, the banks “had profits of 420 billion pesos” and, therefore, it is “opportune for those who most earned to make their solidarity contribution.”

Roberto presented the bill together with his blockmates Matías Barroetaveña and Manuel Socías.

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