Quarantine | Everything you need to know about the stranded permit in the country

The Government issued an exceptional permit for all those who remained to return to their homes stranded in localities of the country when compulsory quarantine began. Can be managed from this Saturday until next Tuesday.

The measure, which has been in force since this Saturday, was announced in the Joint Resolution 2/2020, of the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of the Interior, published in the Official bulletin. It is a authorization, by way of sworn declaration, which is completed on-line, so that the transfer can be approved.

The government’s decision was made in this instance because the passengers already fulfilled the 14 days isolation recommended to prevent the spread of coronavirus and they can move safely for the entire population.

What must be taken into account when processing it

Where do I get permission? At https://regresoacasa.argentina.gob.ar

Who has to manage it? A person in charge of the group that is moving.

What enables the affidavit? The movement of the vehicle, with the passengers declared, to the destination of residence.

What should be the destination of the permit? The residence address where the mandatory isolation will be met.

Can I prove my address with a service invoice? Yes.

How many people can you move? The capacity allowed by the private vehicle.

Can I go find a relative with my vehicle? Yes.

Can you rent vehicles? No.

Is medium and long distance transport enabled? No.