detail of the protocol and sanitary guidelines designed for the reopening

The quarantine placed a segment consisting of 6,000 training centers on “stand by”. What comes for an activity that generates 50,000 jobs

Consolidated as another of the items fully affected by the advance of the coronavirus and the imposition of quarantine, the gym segment already concentrates ideas and defines operating criteria with a view to resuming operation from May.

In this direction, the Argentine Chamber of Gymnasium, an entity that brings together more than 850 training centers, established a protocol of sanitary guidelines designed to neutralize the possibilities of contagion and in accordance with specifications issued by the Ministries of Health and Labor.

As he could verify iProfessional, the predominant criterion is social distancing with focus, also, on the control of the health of the clients in the instance of access to the gyms and permanent hygiene of machines, changing rooms and lounges.

“The gyms will be centers of early detection of the disease through the application of this protocol. Under this scheme, we request that they allow us to continue working, in order to continue providing health and well-being to the population,” states a statement from the entity to which this entity agreed. medium.

Among other aspects, the protocol establishes:

• Limits on the number of users according to the number of square meters of the gym.

Access policy via shifts and prior check-in systems, that allow knowing at all times the number of people training in the gym.

• Limits on the number of users in classrooms with demarcations on the floor respecting the recommended distance: 1 member every 4 square meters.

Suspension of all kinds that implies contact between the partners. For example, martial arts or boxing.

• Redistribution of equipment with 2 meters of distance between treadmills, bicycles and all bodybuilding equipment.

• Obligation to use protection through chinstraps for all those who attend and / or work in the establishment.

• Demarcation of spaces in the areas of attention to the public / receptions so that the distance of 2 meters between people.

Up to 10 people will be allowed at a time in the locker room including the costume designer.

At the same time, the temperature of the clients will be controlled prior to entering the establishments and people will not be allowed to enter from the age of 65.

Alcohol bottles with spray will also be placed next to the weight machines and the cleaning staff will disinfect the facilities at least once per hour.

“The classroom classes will be held for a maximum of 45 minutes so that, at the end of each class, the cleaning staff has the 15 minutes necessary to clean the elements and spaces,” reports the protocol.

“The changing rooms will be closed 15 minutes every hour to clean each one of them,” he adds.

There is more:

• Staff will only approach students with basic personal protection equipment (chinstrap, gloves, goggles). The provision of the elements of the gym staff will be carried out by the establishment to ensure the corresponding hygiene and safety conditions.

• Efforts will be intensified so that the personnel who come to work in the gym move by their own means without having to resort to public transport.

• At all times there will be a person in charge in the gym who is highly trained in health issues and action protocol in the event of possible detection of a person who is presumably infected.

Likewise, the protocol defined by the camera stresses that “activities for minors will restart along with the start of classes

Adrián Stoll, secretary of the chamber, reported that the protocol imitates the guidelines defined in China for the return to activity in the Asian giant. “There the gyms are beginning to operate with a strict protocol that can also be implemented in Argentina,” he declared.

“By controlling the health of customers, we want to contribute to the testing of people and prevent the virus from spreading further,” he said. The manager anticipated that the temperature measurement will be carried out with “laser meters” and the placement of “grids on the floors that mark an area of ​​four meters per person in order to respect social distance.”

The gym sector in Argentina is made up of more than 6,000 training sites spread across the country. The bloc in question, made up of companies with 100 percent national capital, provides employment to more than 50,000 people.

Faced with the inactivity and collapse of the collection, both leaders of this commercial activity have been demanding official help -in addition to the prompt reopening of the training points- practically since the beginning of the quarantine.

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