Coronavirus in Argentina | Zubizarreta therapy was closed by an infected doctor

There is concern at the Zubizarreta Hospital, where this Friday they closed therapy because of a doctor infected with coronavirus. This is the head of the intensive care area of ​​the health center. There is more of 15 isolated professionals.

After confirmation of the case, the therapy area of ​​the hospital it was momentarily closed. Furthermore, more than 15 workers were isolated.

To date, patients infected with coronavirus have not been registered in the health center, so it is estimated that the medical he would have been infected in a private hospital where he works.

At the moment the woman is in good health. An official statement has not yet been released from the hospital.

Since the start of the pandemic in Argentina, more than 380 health workers were infected with coronavirus. In addition, the Secretary of Access to Health Carla Vizzotti indicated that there are three health professionals who died from Covid-19. These cases were registered in La Rioja, Chaco and Río Negro.

He Zubizarreta Hospital It is not the only health center where coronavirus cases were reported among medical personnel.

This week it was known that in the Manuel Belgrano Hospital from San Martín, in the suburbs, there are 16 infected professionals. Last week, Buenos Aires Governor Axel Kicillof had visited the establishment, so after learning of the outbreak, he had to undergo a test, which yielded a negative result.

On the other hand, in the Buenos Aires sanatorium Providence 34 cases of Covid-19 were reported and there are 200 people suspected of being infected. Health professionals warned that they did not provide them with the necessary elements to protect themselves from the virus. Justice investigates the case.

He too Italian Hospital of Buenos Aires confirmed that 19 employees gave positive for coronavirus. Of these, “three remain hospitalized with satisfactory evolution and 16 are being followed up at home and follow the isolation defined in the current protocols,” they said in a statement.