Another fintech offers up to $ 600 thousand of loan for an App on the cell phone

To accentuate its presence in the Fintech market, Transatlántica Compañía Financiera launched a line of personal loans through its App that allows you to request up to 600 thousand pesos in amounts, to be paid in 12, 18 and 24 installments at a rate ranging from 45 to 65%, depending on the option chosen.

The first installment will expire after 60 days and allows early cancellation, at no cost, that is, it is a product to go through with financial support, which is supposed to be the most acute part of the health quarantine.

Personal loans are added to the company’s product offering. Through the application, Rebankers can open their account for free and operate entirely online.

This “RE-account”, as the name chosen by the financial company, has a savings bank paid in pesos and automatically pays interest without immobilizing your money. The CBU can be assigned to collect the Emergency Family Income (IFE) decreed by the government.

“In the current context, we launched this product with a flexible payment method to accompany our users with a credit offer aimed at meeting their most urgent needs,” said Stefano Angeli, CEO of Rebanking.

In turn, through the application, operations such as the collection of the IFE, the extraction of money without a card and payment of services can be carried out, “which provides a solution to several of the problems that arise in times of mandatory isolation”, mentioned.

Users can also have a dollar savings bank at no cost, carry out exchange operations with the best quotes in the market, fixed terms, transfers, and obtain an American Express .Re Green credit card at no cost for life.

Since its launch and in just 9 months, Rebanking already has more than 130,000 active users and has registered 600,000 downloads.