Today’s horoscope, Friday, April 17, 2020


Interesting change of organization in its activities, will serve quite a lot for this moment. Do not postpone interviews or meetings, a day with a good appearance for the pure and powerful ruled by the great Mars. Prosperity and growth.

Moment: floral lavender color.


Ideal day for signatures, contracts, important meetings and legal matters. Bullfighting today will feel that what is just comes to them. Social gatherings with good appearance also with more than interesting results.

Moment: peach color.


Setbacks in the area of ​​activities. Sensations and spirits of wanting to have a new perspective or task are mobilized. It is important to try not to be overly concerned or upset. Things always happen for a reason.

Moment: celery colored.


Try not to dwell on suspicions today. Scruples before certain people in your work environment are unnecessary and having those kinds of feelings or thoughts is always negative. Relax and pacification.

Moment: purple in color.


Determination and courage in a day with decisions that will be successful. Lighting and good sense, for the lions who today sign, announce, determine, agree or decide. Good day for love and friends.

Moment: orange in color.


With high chances of having a quiet day, try to solve procedures that require being up to date. Virginians’ finances will be somewhat improved by extra money coming in. Project on the way.

Moment: turquoise color.


Libra and a day to make decisions. Something expensive for those ruled by the celestial Venus, stop doubting, but when they are ready they always take the best option thanks to their deep sense of how things should be.

Moment: pure white.


These powerful natives, today carry out their projections and searches. Attentive to the heart, they may receive some claims that are still fair. Going to the doctor is a duty for ourselves and for those who love us.

Moment: emerald color.


A fight that ends will give you great satisfaction. Love demands and proposals could come to sit down to dialogue in a sincere way. It is important to always be able to try to solve problems.

Moment: golden color.


Good day with things fitting correctly and without problems. He meets someone who at some point interested him. The finances of Capricorns well calculated and directed to rest easy.

Moment: olive green.


Vision that anticipates him to a situation that could cause him to stumble. Good day for meetings and resolutions. Day to try to see friends who are in need. Walk and healthy diet also knowing that there is no smoking.

Moment: cream colour.


Pisces time to make up your mind and go visit the doctor. It is not the right thing to postpone, taking care of yourself does good to the spirit and predisposes us better towards the other and towards life itself. Good workday, with synchrony and companionship.

Moment: mint color.