Quarantine multiplied demand for digital signature

The use of the digital signature was advancing at a good pace in Córdoba, where up to March it was used by nearly 100,000 physical and legal persons, 75 percent for labor use. But since the quarantine started, queries for new applications “have escalated in a ratio of 10 to 100.”

The concepts belong to Aníbal Pardini, legal advisor to Encode, a Cordovan technology company with 11 years of experience and 200 collaborators, both direct and indirect.

Among the nine certifiers in the country, the company is one of the main operators, with clients such as YPF, Grupo Clarín and Telecom, among others.

“Contrary to what happened in the world, in Argentina it began to be used in the workplace. But the isolation is accelerating the processes of technological transformation and this makes it want to take the digital signature to other commercial operations ”, he assured.

Encode certified the process for Grupo Proaco, the first developer in the country that began to implement the digital signature on property purchase tickets and thus be able to close operations remotely.

“YPF closes contracts with suppliers through the digital signature. Latam pilots sign their flight plans with this same instrument. A myth has been demolished, it only needs to start spreading ”, he adds.

This instrument is endorsed by article 288 of the Civil and Commercial Code. To obtain it, the holder must take the necessary documentation to one of the certifiers and, once approved, pays a maintenance of around 3,500 pesos every two years.

According to the lawyer, its scope is very wide. “A doctor can film an operation and put the digital signature on it. It all depends on creativity ”, he indicated.

In fact, in weeks, the company will launch a technological platform so that companies can hold remote partner assemblies, something that until now could not be done, and which will include digital signature tools and voting mechanisms, applying guidelines established by the Inspection of Legal Societies of Córdoba.

Professional performance

The president of the Professional Council of Economic Sciences (CPCE) of Córdoba, José Simonella, agreed on this trend and warned that once the mandatory isolation is lifted, the use of the digital signature will continue to increase due to its practicality and because it is applicable to all the actions of the sector.

“Until now, 50 percent of balance sheets were presented digitally. In fact, between the end of February and the beginning of March, the entity began to work with a digital signature on the documentation presented by professionals. Since the quarantine began, everything that is done now is virtual, “he stressed.

As many of the professionals did not have a certified digital signature, the entity added the possibility of presenting documentation with a scanned signature, and it is returned with the digital signature certification, until the quarantine is lifted and they can process it.

“We have communicated to all the organizations with which the sector works that all the documentation comes out in digital form. This has allowed to maintain all the activities of the entity even when the doors are closed, because the accountants are not exempt from the quarantine, ”said Simonella.

Córdoba: At the forefront

The province has almost 15% of the country’s digital signatures.

Pardini is not surprised that the first 100 percent digital real estate operations are carried out in this city, from the first contact to the closing with the remote delivery of the sales ticket. “Córdoba is at the forefront in the use of the digital signature,” he says. In fact, in the province there are almost 15 percent of certified digital signatures in the country. Of the 100,000 digital signatures in force locally,

75 thousand correspond to employers; the rest are individuals, professionals and even employees, since there are companies whose workers have a digital signature.

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