Missions: a woman reported having been kidnapped, beaten and raped for seven days in a hostel

A 58-year-old woman reported having been abducted, beaten and sexually abused for seven days by the owner of a hotel in the missionary town of San Vicente, who allegedly submitted her because the victim could not pay her stay.

The complaint of the fact was registered at the Women’s Police Station in that city, about 250 kilometers northeast of Posadas, and Justice ordered the capture of the hotel owner, identified as Leopoldo D.S., alias “Paysa”, and he also imputed his father, Ananías D.S.

The woman, who is a widow, has a son, works as a therapeutic assistant and resides in the Buenos Aires town of Merlo, investigators told he had come to Misiones in October of last year to assist his mother, who suffered from a terminal illness.

In addition, he said that after death from her mother, which occurred on March 16, She tried to return to Buenos Aires by micro, but was stranded in San Vicente by the quarantine of the coronavirus.

Unable to return home, stayed in a lodging, located on Balbín street, in front of the local bus terminal, and paid for the first three days.

How then he stayed penniless, he offered her some jewelry inherited from their mother to the owners of the hotel to pay for their stay until the transportation of passengers was normalized, interrupted due to social, preventive and compulsory isolation.

In dialogue with the missionary newspaper The territory, the woman related: “The owner locked me up and wouldn’t let me out. He took out my cell phone and computer and once a day he took me a plate of food and told me that he was going to charge the stay.

Then he remarked: “He raped me every day, beat me and told me that he was going to let me go whenever he wanted. One day he took me to the dad, an old man, and he also groped me ”.

According to her complaint, she was locked up there for several days, being abused all the time, until On March 29, due to the neglect of the men, he was able to escape and ask for help.

The Court of Instruction 3 of San Vicente intervenes in the case. The judge ordered the arrest of Leopoldo, who is a fugitive, accused of the crime of “sexual abuse with repeated carnal access (several events) in royal competition”, while Ananías. she was notified of “simple sexual abuse”.