Coronavirus: those over 70 years of age must obtain a permit to circulate through the City of Buenos Aires

From next Monday April 20, those over 70 years of age must process a special permit to circulate through the City of Buenos Aires, and thus not break the quarantine imposed by the coronavirus.

This tool will serve to persuade them to make unnecessary exits to the street, in addition to maintaining social distance between the elderly and avoiding infections.

In the capital, eight out of ten people killed by Covid-19 are older adultsTherefore, the Buenos Aires Government made this decision for an age range that exceeds 650 thousand people and are the highest risk group.

This measure is part of the Comprehensive Plan for the Care and Accompaniment of Older Adults carried out by the City Government, through the Ministry of Human Development and Habitat.

It is supported by three fundamental pillars: that older adults cannot go out, that they do not want to go out and that they do not have to go out.

The permission it can be obtained free of charge by calling the line 147 and it will be valid only for one day, but it will not be necessary when the departure is to collect retirement, receive medical treatment or be vaccinated.

With the DNI a process number will be granted, which will be used to present it to the authorities if required during your exit to the public highway. There will be no permission limit per person.

If the adult does not have the authorization to circulate there will be no fines, but you will be asked to return immediately to your home. In case of recidivism, community work could be ruled for the offender.