Coronavirus in Argentina | Those over 70 in the City must ask permission to 147 to go outside

The Buenosairean government formally announced this Friday the implementation of a compulsory permit so that the adults over 70. The objective is minimize their outings to the streets and guarantee social distancing to avoid coronavirus contagions among the main risk group. It is a telephone procedure that is carried out through the line 147. The measure includes exceptions and generated controversy.

The head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta; the deputy chief and minister of Justice and Security, Diego Santilli; and the Minister of Health, Fernán Quirós, among other officials.

“Elderly adults have the highest risk of death. In Argentina, the average age of death from coronavirus is 71 years “, The head of the Buenos Aires government explained by way of introduction. “What we are going to ask is that this group, before leaving, contact the City Government to see if we can help them, “he said.

Rodríguez Larreta referred to the criticism they received for this new measure: “I understand that they are unfriendly and difficult decisions. They have called me angry and I explain that it is something to take care of them all. “

“We want to put all the force of the State in accompanying older adults because we know that it is a disease that damages them,” said Quirós. “The concept is as follows: we ask that you give us the opportunity to call us before leaving and we are going to try to resolve that they don’t come out.

The Minister of Health affirmed that an important point of the measure is the emotional support of this sector of the population And he assured that they are working with psychologists, psychiatrists and volunteers so that they do not feel alone when they spend so much time at home. “We also want to be in contact with their families, neighbors and friends,” he added.

Quirós asked older adults to “give them the opportunity to understand them.” “We want to know how we can help you so you don’t go out”, he claimed. And he added: “If you have to go out, you are going to have permission to do it because it is your right.”

Starting next Monday, people over the age of 70 will be able to process the Mandatory and Specific Circulation Permit communicating with line 147. It will be valid for the day granted and contemplate exceptions for retirement collection, medical treatments and vaccination.

Operators of line 147 they will look for alternatives to cover the person’s need And if you have a family member or close friend to solve the problem. If the need continues, a permit will be issued and must be presented if requested by the security forces.

“We are going to ask them why they want to leave. If it is for a process, we are going to help them do it. Or we are going to discourage them from leaving if it is not necessary,” Quiros explained.

Officials fully discarded punitive sanctions for those without the permit and clarified that there will be no specific controls. The action protocol indicates that the person must return home.

“Here it is not a punitive process and we are not imagining any kind of punishment, what we want is to collaborate with caring for older adults, “said Quirós.