Coronavirus in Argentina | He is 94 years old and managed to overcome the disease

The image is hopeful: a woman of 94 years who was hospitalized for coronavirus became the first patient discharged for that disease at the VĂ©lez Sarfield Hospital. This Thursday he left the health center to the applause and the overwhelming emotion of the doctors.

Nelly, or “La Nona”, as some hospital nurses named her, is 94 years old and, despite being a risk patient, managed to overcome the coronavirus.

This Thursday the woman left the hospital in a wheelchair, accompanied by her family and to applause from medical personnel.

“You did!”, the health center workers exclaimed when they fired her.

“Mixed feelings and great emotion for our patient Nelly, For me, ‘La Nona’ prettier, who today went home to her house and with her family who was very attentive and happy to have her back. As happy as we are, their day-to-day nurses who are with them, “wrote a hospital nurse on Facebook.” We are a great team and these are moments that we keep in our hearts “, added.

Nelly is one of the 631 people were discharged by coronavirus in Argentina.