Coronavirus | The five districts of the province of Buenos Aires with the most infected

Buenos Aires began to be from April 13 the province with the most cases of coronavirus in the entire country. At the last epidemiological report, the one on the morning of the 16th, it had 729 infected, above the 648 in the city of Buenos Aires and the 228 in Córdoba, second and third infectious foci.

But the situation in the 135 municipalities that make up the province of Buenos Aires -the largest and most populous jurisdiction in Argentina- is diverse.

exist three particularities in territorial analysis: the concentration of the vast majority of cases in the Buenos Aires suburbs, especially in five games, 50 municipalities without cases, especially in the center, and large cities, such as Bahía Blanca and Mar del Plata, with some positives.

The municipalities of Vicente López, La Matanza, San Isidro, Pilar and Moreno, took off from the rest, beyond that from the Buenos Aires Ministry of Health they clarified that, as epidemiologists do tests every day, the disaggregated never ends up being updated.

One out of every three infected from Buenos Aires lived in those parties at the cut of April 13. Some specialists carry out a particular analysis on that first general analysis: the parties of the “northern corridor” concentrate many more cases than those of the south.

Vicente López

Jorge Macri, with 37 cases until Saturday, is one of those who dialogues the most with President Alberto Fernández and Governor Axel Kicillof. The mayor needs the residents of his districts to comply with the quarantine to avoid further contagion.

The slaughter

Fernando Espinoza must ensure the health of one in ten Buenos Aires Because that municipality is, with 1.7 million inhabitants (according to the 2010 census), the most populous in the province. The communal chief himself had to lead the operations so that the ranks of retirees at the doors of the banks were not repeated.

San Isidro

Gustavo Posse ordered their health officials monitor 5000 neighbors who returned from abroad in the last 30 days. The communal chief chose to ask travelers to carry out the mandatory quarantine in their homes instead of hotels, so that monitoring is more difficult.


Federico AchavalDue to the socioeconomic conditions of its neighbors, it took preventive measures to concentrate its greatest efforts on determine “imported” cases to isolate themselves from the rest of the population in order to reduce contagion, first by “close contact” and then by “community transmission”. That did not prevent having 33 positive cases.


The intendant Mariel Fernández He must face a very complex situation: infections in the municipality, with 32 confirmed on Saturday, shot up after a young man who had returned from the United States went to a 15th birthday. The party ended with several infected guests, with his own deceased grandfather and with a criminal complaint against him for endangering other people.