“The President has turned left”

Those who make up the economic team of Alberto Fernández “are the intellectual authors of the exchange clamp,” said the economic journalist.

The journalist Guillermo Willy Kohan maintained that, in the face of the situation imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, President Alberto Fernández “has turned left.”

The economic columnist said that the president “is closer to Cristina’s economic ideas” and that this path “is not going to give him the best results.”

“It seems that the path that the president is choosing in economic matters is not the one that is going to give him or Argentina the best results,” said Kohan on Miter radio.

“The economic team inspired by the policy that Cristina Kirchner carried out between 2011 and 2015, which was the exchange stock, the crack, we are going for everything, the confrontation with the supposed rich, all that did not work for Cristina, in fact, he lost the elections in 2013 and 2015, “he considered, and said that in” Alberto Fernández’s economic team, many are the same people who made up Cristina’s economic team. “

“Yesterday the president was seen closer to Cristina’s economic ideas than to the economic ideas that we all assumed Alberto Fernández had, those of a more moderate Peronism,” he developed. “It can be seen that in adversity the president has had to turn a little to the left, at least in terms of the economic message.”

“What should be done is open the market, have a free financial dollar, make money laundering so that those who have the dollars can buy an apartment,” he advised, but it is “the complete opposite of what the government is doing, which he is going to go after those who make cash with liquidation, he does not allow the fluidity in the opening of the banks, and instead of promoting a laundering so that the dollars enter, he goes out to announce new taxes. A path that will not give results because it no longer gave results, “he anticipated.

“The key people in Alberto Fernández’s economic cast,” said Kohan, are not “Vilma Ibarra or Santiago Cafiero,” but “the people who were with Cristina.” And he finished: “Almost, I would tell you, they are the intellectual authors of the stocks.”

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