An intendant broke the quarantine and in a “mobile pig” gave a piglet to a neighbor

In full social isolation required by the coronavirus pandemic, an unusual situation was experienced in the town of Bovril, in Entre Ríos. Its protagonists were the mayor, Fabián Valenzuela; his vice, José Gillig; and a councilor, Raúl Kuhn. All ended up denounced for breaking the quarantine.

The event occurred in the city located in the Departments of La Paz, 125 kilometers from Paraná, where six positive cases of Covid-19.

The three officials in the “chanchomovil”. (Photo: Municipality of Bovril).

Valenzuela, Gillig and Kuhn toured in a “chanchomóvil” the streets of the city. In the video, they are seen cooking a barbecued suckling pig in the back of the truck. In the end, they dodged it among the neighbors.

As the images show, none wore a chinstrap or respected the minimum recommended distance. Also, they were on the street for an activity that was not essential.

But that was not all. The councilman performed various melodies with an accordion while one of the neighbors went dancing in the patio of her house. In the official photos it is seen at quartermaster singing into a microphone.

The piglet cooked by the mayor and delivered to a neighbor. (Photo: Municipality of Bovril).
The piglet cooked by the mayor and delivered to a neighbor. (Photo: Municipality of Bovril).

The truth is that the episode generated messages of support and rejection on social networks and the reaction of the Provincial Executive. The Minister of Government and Justice of Entre Ríos, Rosario Moreno, assured in a press conference that the provincial police “will make the corresponding warning”, since this type of activities “cannot be done”.

The mayor singing from a neighbor's window. (Photo: Municipality of Bovril).
The mayor singing from a neighbor’s window. (Photo: Municipality of Bovril).

In addition, he asked that all public officials “lead by example, more when facing a pandemic. “