Amnesty International says it is racist to call Covid-19 “Chinese virus”

Amnesty International, the organization that works for human rights around the world, said that calling Covid-19 a “Chinese virus” is racist. Through its Twitter account, the Argentine headquarters shared a publication as a “reminder”.

“In these difficult times is when we must show our most human side and add to end racial discrimination, xenophobia and any other form of intolerance, “they expressed in a statement released weeks ago on the International Day Against Racism.

Amnesty International noted that, in parallel to the advance of the pandemic, the emergence of discriminatory attitudes against the Chinese community because the outbreak originated in Wuhan city. “This geographic data led specialists and the media to speak of it as the ‘Wuhan coronavirus’ or the ‘Chinese coronavirus,'” they said.

“Before the World Health Organization put an end to this drift – baptizing the disease as Covid-19-, there were many media outlets that they referred to this pandemic as ‘Wuhan pneumonia’, “ they explained.

The organization gave the French newspaper as an example Courrier Picard, published by the headline “Yellow Alert” on its cover on January 26 and the statements of US President Donald Trump, who defended the use of expressions such as “Kung Flu” or “Chinese virus” to refer to the pandemic. “Far from apologizing for them, has justified them as a ‘very precise formula’ “, they noted.

Reports of Chinese citizens who were victims of prejudice and xenophobic attitudes multiplied on social networks. Many of them launched the campaign “I am not a virus”.

“We must remember how dangerous it is to refer to Covid-19 with xenophobic formulations. The social stigma towards Chinese or Asian people creates fear and hatred “, they warned.

In the statement they recalled that “what the world is fighting is a disease and there is no room for discriminatory expressions, attitudes or measures of any kind, so we call for respect and brotherhood. “