Melconian proposes the creation of a national “crown”

As indicated by the former director of Banco Nación, the Government has a Master Health Plan but must carry out another economic plan

The economist Carlos Melconian expressed the need to implement an “Economic Master Plan” in the context of the coronavirus pandemic and proposed the creation of a “crown coin.”

“The President has taken a very firm and very specific sanitary path. Day by day the idea that there is a Sanitary Master Plan is confirmed, but there is no Economic Master Plan,” said Melconián.

The former director of Banco Nación stressed that “in the midst of all this global idea, this issue (the Forbes tax) falls.”

“I do not want to treat it as a minor issue, but it is a needle in a haystack. I do not know if it confirms it as a tool or disqualifies it. We are in the middle of a huge quilombo,” he added.

Melconián stated that: “You may like the Master Health Plan or not, but it does. Time will tell us if everyone thinks the same, if testing does or does not test. There is a road map, there are methods, there is implementation, there are priorities, there is a plan. In the other (economy), there is nothing. There are heterogeneous and scattered things. ” “In front of the quantitative quilombo that I see in silver, these are two mangoes with twenty, although they all pay,” said the economist.

Regarding the economic needs of the country in the face of the crisis caused by the quarantine required by the coronavirus, Melconián was very expressive. “Do not break my balls with that. Do not get‘ maniacal public spending ’, nor do you believe the heterodox Keynesians who are vindicating themselves. Here is a father Quilombo that cannot be solved by the guys with their backs.”

“In Argentina, the ex-post question is the way out. Not with respect to the world to come. Here we can have a frenzy where Argentina is not the federal Reserve that issues and nothing happens. Simultaneously, you have no other choice but to do so. This topic it is a prong thing, for the rostrum. We must show that we are going to transfer something to the grandparents that puts 1%. That is prong. They heat up for having a Master Plan to get out of this, “warned the former national official.

According to Carlos Melconián, the Government has a Master Health Plan but must carry out another economic plan.

The “coronamoneda” as alternative financing mechanism

Melconián considered that “the sanitary decision is correct and it is supposed to be going well”. However, he said: “That forces you to think about this simultaneously and from there. Am I looking for an alternative financing mechanism? Not only for Public Expenditure, but also for the help I am going to give to the private sector, for example, with an alternative currency to the weight that does not flood the market, which expires in a few years. “

To explain his position, Carlos Melconián indicated: “I was walking on the sidewalk and the pandemic came to me. Do you want 44 million types to finance this conflict of the pandemic in a year? Invent a national currency to pay part of these expenses, with a maturity profile that acts as a quasi-currency and accepts it to pay taxes. “” It has to be part of a Master Program, “said the economist.

Regarding the economic situation after the coronavirus, Melconián remarked: “Facing the emission mountain to which we are going, the only emission element is not going to be the peso. The only absorption element afterwards cannot be inflation or liquefaction. Here the problem is the pandemic, the increase in spending, the issuance of currency, of a country that is historically one hand behind and the other forward. “

“We have to keep the books and take out the machines. It is also about flattening the economic cost of this, not just the health curve,” concluded the economist.

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