Coronavirus | Dog walkers ask to be declared an essential service: “For each one of us, 15 people stay at home”

The dog walkers asked the government to be considered a essential service in order to “make a contribution” to the measure of compulsory isolation. They stressed that for each worker in the sector who performs their functions “There are 15 people who stay in their homes.”

From the Union of Canine Workers (STC), which includes dog walkers, trainers and groomers, They presented a proposal to the Ministry of Labor.

“It is our contribution to quarantine. Each of us can carry up to 15 dogs, so there are 15 fewer people circulating on the street “, explained the union general secretary, Matías Tomsich.

In this sense, he exemplified: “Only in the City of Buenos Aires we are 5000 dog walkers, that is, they are 75 thousand less people circulating on the streets to walk your pets. “

“We have a sanitary protocol, We do not go to kennels to avoid crowds. The only contact is when we remove or deliver the dogs: we take all precautions and precautions “, said to the agency Argentine News.

Tomsich stressed that the proposal aims to please both the government’s epidemiological strategy and the reality experienced by workers in the sector, who were “fully shocked” by mandatory isolation since March 20.

“We urgently need to be able to work. This is not a changa: most do full time and supports his family like this, “he stressed. The unionist pointed out that from the STC they were advising the workers so that they can access the Emergency Family Income of 10 thousand pesos that the Government grants through the Anses.

In this regard, he celebrated that “almost 80 percent” was able to collect it. The workers included in the Union of Canine Workers are found in the main urban centers, such as the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA), Córdoba, Santa Fe, Rosario, Tucumán and Salta, among other districts.