Bus companies threaten to paralyze transport

They claim that the drop in ticket sales and a debt of $ 5.7 billion from the State prevents them from continuing to maintain services

Like a large part of the productive, trade and service sectors in Argentina, bus companies came out to warn that they are not in a position to continue offering their services.

Especially those that provide services in the AMBA area and in the province of Buenos Aires, who have just warned that they are on the alert for the serious economic difficulties they face, as a result of the sudden decrease in revenue from the sale of tickets. linked to compulsory social isolation.

According to the business chamber that groups the bus lines of the Federal Capital and the Buenos Aires area, the drop in passengers exceeds 92% on average from the beginning of preventive and compulsory social isolation. To this they add, what they consider a “strong delay in the accreditation of the tariff compensations by the State”.

Through a statement signed by five business organizations, they add that the situation impacts more than 250 companies, mostly SMEs that serve approximately 80% of public transport services and employ more than 50,000 people directly.

As a complaint to the Government, the document summarizes the crisis that this sector is going through in a net effect of loss of collection less cost reduction due to a smaller amount of services provided in March, which is around $ 830 million and is projected to be higher in April.

They also refer to a delay in accreditation of funds to provincial and communal lines of the AMBA of $ 2.4 billion, along with another $ 610 million of lack of accreditation of funds to national lines of the AMBA.

To this they add another additional delay of accreditation of funds to the set of AMBA companies for $ 1.5 billion, along with the lack of accreditation of reimbursements for expenses of commissions SUBE that reaches $ 380 million.

“That is to say that the sector is currently in a deficit of income compared to the budgeted values ​​of more than $ 5,720 million, for which the business entities report that in the face of this situation, the provincial and communal lines have no more possibilities of continue to provide services due to lack of funds to meet their expenses and will be paralyzed virtually immediately, “the cameras launch as a threat.

For their part, they communicate that for companies under national jurisdiction, under these conditions, it is impossible to provide services on a regular business day as established by the authorities as of the date, and that if the current situation continues, they must also go progressively reducing services until they are totally paralyzed in the short term.

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