Union assemblies resent the activity in refrigerators

The work in the main meat packing plants in the province of Córdoba was resented due to the decision of the union that groups the workers to carry out informative assemblies.

According to what the industry has stated, the union is requesting a bonus of five thousand pesos for each worker who carries out his activity in quarantine, as well as for the operators who are at home because they are within risk groups. .

At the national level, the industry claims to have agreed with the Guild Federation of the Meat Industry and its Derivatives the payment with the April salary of a bonus “for exposure” during the isolation by Covid-19 to all workers three thousand pesos.

From the Córdoba Union, however, it was recognized that they are negotiating a remuneration of five thousand pesos, but that they have not yet received a response.

“The workers were told what is being negotiated and now everything is normal,” they said from the union regarding the assemblies held.

The union also warns that in some plants, security elements are not provided for the personnel, nor is the social distancing required by the quarantine guaranteed.


Representatives of the meat processing plants consider that, to be declared as an essential activity by Decree 297/2020 and not a salary problem (they are still up to date with the payment), the question arises about the legality of the claim.

Although these are informative assemblies, the industry admits that with their accomplishments the meat production work slows down with the concrete possibility of not carrying out the daily scheduled chore.

The Logros cold store, located in Río Segundo and the busiest in the province, was going to work 50 percent today.

If these measures continue in the coming days, the industry assures that the meat supply could suffer.

During the last year, sources in the refrigeration sector maintain that workers in the sector in Córdoba have had a salary recovery of 72 percent.