“The buzz”: scientists from La Plata identified the mysterious sounds heard in the sky

The strange noises in the sky appeared in the midst of the coronavirus quarantine and although more than one theory emerged for this event that made itself felt in several cities, in the last few hours a group of researchers managed to identify it and give it a name: the buzz .

While on social networks, users renamed it “the trumpets of the apocalypse” or “the sounds of the sky”, and reported having felt “a strong tremor” at the same time, the researcher Luis Burgos, founder of the Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía explained to the portal 0221 which is actually a phenomenon that has been repeated for many years.

However, he recognized that this year in Argentina, in the midst of a pandemic health emergency, the mysterious sound was present “like never before“There is a veritable avalanche of reports, accompanied in many cases by recordings that ended up forming a dossier worthy of study,” he added.

According to Bustos, “the hum”, also called “the hum”, is a “set of persistent low-frequency humming phenomena, not audible to all people”, and in our country “at least 26 cases between 1960 and 2019“. Only about thirty cases in almost six decades.

Dogs howling at the sky and a noise similar to that made by airplanes that appears suddenly and disappears in the same way. The stories are repeated from Tucumán, Mendoza, Córdoba, Ayacucho, Dolores, Mercedes, Rosario, Santa Fe, Venado Tuerto, Bahía Blanca, Coronel Suárez, Olavarría, Bolívar, Chivilcoy, Chaco, Quilmes, Gualeguaychú and even Tierra del Fuego.

“Not everyone hears it because low-frequency noise is a noticeable sound for a small part of the population. Most of these hums have not been reliably traced to a specific nearby source, “said Burgos, who has been studying cases of UFOs and other unexplained phenomena for more than half a century.

Even NASA came out to talk about the sound that rumbles from the atmosphere and defined it as an “earthquake in the sky”, caused by the collision of hot and cold air masses. The explanation, for those who study strange phenomena, pleases little and demands that an official voice be heard on the subject.