Karikal launched a line of antibacterial plates that reduces the permanence of viruses

Karikal launched a line of plates on the market that reduces the possibility of bacteria and viruses remaining on their surfaces, as it has anti-fungal and hypoallergenic properties, as well as being resistant to abrasive liquids such as hypochlorite and alcohol.

The Cordovan company today presented si Care line, designed for areas of high traffic of people, both for use in furniture, wall coverings, floating floors, countertops and sanitary kits, among others.

Karikal is a manufacturer of supplies for construction and furniture, with a plant in San Francisco, which sells in the foreign market and exports to international markets.

“Care is the result of years of research and development of products that use nanotechnology and that are essential in a context of health crisis such as the one we are currently experiencing, due to the coronavirus pandemic,” said Daniel Parodi, President of Karikal.

Developing. These are plates resistant to cleaning with abrasive products. (Karikal)

According to the businessman, also the owner of Ciudad Empresaria, they will apply these plates to the high-traffic areas at the Quorum Hotel and its convention center, so that when it is enabled, it can offer sanitary security conditions.


Under this line, Karikal and Ecokil developed compact modules to sanitize people, mainly intended for income to high-traffic places such as banks, supermarkets, schools, industries, public agencies and shopping centers, allowing it to be disinfected before entering a space. common.

Care products include quick-assembly plates for field or temporary hospital isolation modules, designed for patient isolation.