Coronavirus | With excepted changes and activities, a new stage of quarantine begins

This Friday, President Alberto Fernández announced the extension of the social, preventive and compulsory isolation in all Argentina until April 26 inclusive. Although for most the restrictions will remain the same as those that apply from the beginning, in this third stage there will be changes that will involve banks and specific businesses. In addition the Excuse me people with disabilities to circulate in the vicinity of their home, and also, the governors of all the districts will be allowed to request permits from the Government to “manage” the quarantine.

According to the DNU signed by Fernández, the chief of staff Santiago Cafiero will coordinate the Comprehensive Plan for the Prevention of Public Health Events from this Monday. Through it, you will be empowered to lend exceptions to quarantine compliance at the request of the governors. However, each request must also have the endorsement of the Ministry of Health of the Nation.

In this way, officials must submit their requests through a special protocol, which will be analyzed by the Minister of Health, Ginés González García, and by the head of state, than will have the final voice about each case.

Meanwhile, the Prevention Plan Coordination Unit also may exempt specific areas from circulation restrictions from the country where no positive cases of Covid-19 have been registered.

Furthermore, this new stage of quarantine will include exceptions for certain services and activities. They can work banks, companies selling bookstore items and computer supplies (only with home delivery), mechanical workshop and gomerías. Furthermore, the disabled people they will be authorized to leave their houses within the vicinity, and for which they should not process a special permit. The same will be true for those with autism spectrum disorder, They may also receive professional benefits at home.

The full detail of the exceptions:

1- The circulation of people with disabilities is allowed and those included in the group of autism spectrum disorder, to make brief outings in the vicinity of their residence, together with a family member or partner. In such cases, the assisted persons and their companion must carry their respective National Identity Documents and the Unique Certificate of Disability or the medical prescription indicating the diagnosis and the need for exits, which may be made digitally.

two- Professional home services for people with disabilities and those included in the autism spectrum disorder group. Professionals must carry a copy of the identity document of the person under treatment and the Unique Certificate of Disability, or the corresponding medical prescription with the requirements set forth in the previous point.

3- Banking with customer service, exclusively with a shift system and respecting the protocol established by the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA).

4- Workshops for maintenance and repair of automobiles, motorcycles and bicyclesExclusively for public transport, vehicles of the security forces and armed forces, vehicles affected by health benefits or personnel authorized to circulate, in accordance with current regulations.

5- Sale of spare parts, parts and pieces for automobiles, motorcycles and bicycles only under the modality of door-to-door delivery. In no case may they attend to the public.

6- Manufacture of tires; sale and repair of these exclusively for public transport, vehicles of the security forces and armed forces, vehicles affected by health benefits or personnel authorized to drive, in accordance with current regulations.

7- Sale of bookstore items and computer supplies, exclusively under the modality of home delivery. In no case may the public be attended.

The full DNU