Coronavirus in Argentina | Since it was enacted, more than two million people have violated quarantine

From its entry into force on Friday, March 20 until this Sunday, more than 2,000,000 people were detained or notified in all Argentina for having violated social isolation, preventive and mandatory that the Government ordered to contain the progress of coronavirus.

According to data from the federal forces -which include the Federal Police, the National Gendarmerie, the Naval Prefecture and the Airport Security Police- and the provincial police, the total number of offenders is 2,109,621.

However, it should be noted that the figure does not include updated data from several of the provinces, so it is estimated that the number of people who violated the isolation could be even bigger.

Until this Sunday, the federal forces notified across the country to 1,952,503 citizens, stopped to 41,067 and they controlled 1,411,040 vehicles, of which 3249 were kidnapped.

District offenses

For its part, the Police of the City of Buenos Aires arrested 646 people and another 8009 were delayed, notified or transferred to their home. In addition, 189 cars were seized.

Since March 16 there has been 14,387 calls to 147 to report cases of quarantine violation, while 4401 actions by the Federal Justice and the Buenos Aires Prosecutor’s Office were recorded for these events.

They were also carried out 3020 nightlife inspections from on March 13, which led to the closings of two dance clubs and 13 bars.

Meanwhile, until this Sunday inclusive, the Buenos Aires Police made 48,315 interventions, of which 43,956 they were for breach of quarantine.

In Santa Fe, the security forces 13,053 citizens were arrested, carried out 6,481 controls on passenger transport and registered 36,550 complaints to 911 and the 0-800 authorized for this purpose.

Also in Cordova 8,800 people were detained and notified; in Chaco, 6195; in Mendoza, 3363; in Black river, 2000; in Tucumán, 3,200; in Currents, 2550; in Jump 2700; in Between rivers, 9708; in San Juan, 5247; in Saint Louis, 3531; and in Catamarca 1548.

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