The 6 commercial and service items that can already work


Banks, garages and other activities will be allowed. Others will only work in the “door to door” mode.

President Alberto Fernández led the announcement on Friday night of the new measures that the Government will implement to continue the fight against the coronavirus. The framework of everything will be the extension of preventive and compulsory social isolation until April 26.

As a novelty, there will be a “managed quarantine”, which will allow governors to make isolation more flexible in some areas, always with the prior approval of the national executive.

“No one knows when this martyrdom will end,” admitted Fernández, justifying the continuation of the mandatory isolation.

However, he looked for a shade of optimism when saying: “It was not in vain to stay at home, we were relieved by the problem we have.” At the same time, it showed data that confirms the brake on the rate of infections and made a comparison – favorable for Argentina – on the evolution of the disease in different countries, such as Chile and Brazil.

This Saturday, meanwhile, the Government Officialized the complete list of new activities that can be carried out during the general quarantine against the coronavirus that lasted until the 26th of this month:

1. Banking with customer service

It will be exclusively with a shift system. Firstly, the cashier lines will be reserved for retirees and pensioners who do not have an active debit card, who must attend according to the schedule stipulated by ANSES.

For the rest of the people or companies that need to operate, the branches will be open but the banks will be able to set up a shift system to avoid crowding. The proof of duty will be sufficient proof to justify the circulation and, in addition, it will be requested to enter the branch. To find out how to get a turn, click on this link.

2. Repair workshops for cars, motorcycles and bikes

They may attend to those who have authorization to circulate, in accordance with current regulations. In addition, they may attend public transport, vehicles of the security forces and armed forces, and vehicles affected by health benefits or personnel.

3. Sale of auto parts

The Government authorized the sale of spare parts, parts and pieces for motor vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles, but only under door-to-door delivery mode. In no case may they attend to the public.

4. Gomerías

The regulations contemplate the manufacture of tires; also, to businesses dedicated to the sale and repair of the same, exclusively for public transport, vehicles of the security forces and armed forces, vehicles affected by health benefits or personnel authorized to drive, in accordance with current regulations.

5. Libraries and computer products

The sale of bookstore items and computer supplies It will be exclusively in the form of home delivery. In no case may the public be attended.

6. Services for disabled people

The Government will allow professional benefits at home for people with disabilities and those included in the group of autism spectrum disorder. Professionals must carry a copy of the National Identity Document of the person under treatment and the Unique Certificate of Disability, or the corresponding medical prescription with the requirements set forth in the preceding paragraph.

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