Santilli ruled out that the porteños can go running during the quarantine

The Deputy Chief of Government of the City of Buenos Aires rejected the alternative proposed by the President. “We don’t have to relax as a society,” he stressed.

The deputy head of the Buenos Aires Government, Diego Santilli, ruled out the possibility of allowing exits to do physical activity within the framework of compulsory isolation and stated that “it is not possible” in the city of Buenos Aires to go running.

Santilli thus ended the debate that opened after the press conference of President Alberto Fernández last Friday, when he pointed out that there were proposals from governors about the possibility that “people can do physical activity leaving their homes” and pointed out : “Let’s see the protocols and the feasibility it has to be followed.”

The Deputy Chief of Government of Buenos Aires clarified: “The President raised it in the framework that some governors and mayors have made this proposal. It happens to large urban centers. It is not possible. How do you define running? It is not possible in the city from Buenos Aires”.

The leader of the PRO remarked that “the fear in the City is that one sees someone running from his balcony and wants to go for a walk” and added: “We do not have to relax as a society and understand that the worst thing we can do is break this we’ve been doing. “

With 26 thousand police officers on all shifts we cover access, income, expenses, ATMs, hospitals, community and vaccination centers, it is not possible“added the deputy head of government.

What Fernández said

In his Friday night conference, President Alberto Fernández left the door open for outdoor physical activity during the mandatory quarantine, which will now run until April 26.

“The data and infected and deaths now can change at any time. We have to make a pact, many said that physical activity outside their homes. I consulted it, we can do it if we manage the exits, we take time and run five blocks around the houses, “said Fernández.

At a press conference in Olivos, the head of state maintained that “it is necessary to differentiate, that one day the document documents will be set to zero; in others, those of one.”

We must make a commitment and comply, as soon as we see that it is not fulfilled, we will be forced to go back. I want each case to be a social agreement“said the President, speaking of people who claim the possibility of running.

And he added: “Those who want to do physical activity, let’s see what the protocol is and the feasibility of complying with it.”

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