Coronavirus | They repatriated 123 Argentines stranded in Mexico: “We slept at the airport and people brought us food and water”

A Mexican Air Force plane landed this Saturday afternoon at Ezeiza International Airport with 123 Argentines on board, which they were stranded in the aztec country based on the restrictive measures implemented to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

When you get off the plane, TN He spoke with some of the passengers. Juan Carlos said that to return to the country “we spoke to the embassy, ​​filled out the form and they called us. We were stranded since March 28, but luckily we have a son who lives there and we stay with him in his house. “

However, Amílcar did not have a good time. “I’m from Sáenz Peña, Chaco. For me it was terrible. I’ve been here since March 21, I ran out of resources and had to sleep at the airport. Until we rented a room with other Argentines and we were crowded there, “he said.

“I signed up in all the listings I had to return,” he explained. I have health problems and I take care of my mother, so maybe that’s why I was selected. My ticket had been passed to me by May 8, “continued the man from Chaco.

For many of the 2,116 Argentines stranded in Mexico, these days were an odyssey. “Many had no place to sleep or eat. But several compatriots who live there helped us, and also Mexican citizens who brought us food and water to the airport“Amílcar recalled with sadness and gratitude.

The collaboration operation between our country, Mexico, Chile and Uruguay was carried out through two routes carried out by a plane from the Aztec forces and another from Uruguay, which would also take 163 Mexicans, 65 Chileans and 38 Charruas back to their lands.

Mexico City-Buenos Aires-Santiago de Chile-Mexico City and Montevideo-Buenos Aires-Montevideo were the two tours made for repatriation.

This week, from Chancery Argentine returns were coordinated from Cancun, Punta Cana, Bogotá, San José de Costa Rica and Havana, and this Sunday an Aerolineas Argentinas flight will arrive from Quito.