Coronavirus: a seat in between and using a chinstrap, recommendations for public transport

After confirming the extension of compulsory isolation, which aims to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the Government produced a new guide for the correct use of public transport.

In a statement, the Ministry of Transportation suggested using it only in the case of not being able to travel by car, motorcycle, bicycle or on foot. In addition, he emphasized always respect distances and avoid crowding.

In turn, in line with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, the use of chinstraps home as an element of prevention itself and third parties by sharing a common environment such as public passenger transport.

Recommendations include maintaining the distance between passengers and avoiding contact with drivers. (Photo: EFE)

Regarding the use of line buses, it was reported that to maintain the social distancing, estimated at 1.5 meters, the first row of seats will be disabled. In addition, passengers were reminded to sit inside the unit leaving an empty seat in between. As it was already happening, it was highlighted that there is no need to contact the drivers.

In relation to train service, it was requested to avoid this means of transportation as much as possible and it was suggested that they be replaced by buses, which carry out the same routes and which will have the frequency of one business day.

These measurements are preventive for users who must use public transport yes or yes, in order to avoid the collapse of stations and units, and collaborate with the health care of all Argentines.