The fun talk between Agüero and Schwartzman: Guardiola’s phrase before the 2018 World Cup and the day he left a tennis match with Forlán

Sergio Aguero and Diego Schwartzman They met in a fun dialogue on social networks to advertise the virtual soccer tournament that they will play next weekend with the aim of raising funds in the fight against the coronavirus in the world. The symbol of Manchester City and the best Argentine tennis player of today offered a public conversation through Instagram that left some pearls.

He Kun remembered that he met the Small during the months prior to the 2018 World Cup by chance: he had moved to Barcelona to do a treatment on his left knee with the idea of ​​being able to be fit and in front of the hotel room he had booked, Schwartzman was staying, who was in that city to face the ATP 500 of Conde de Godó.

“I was rehabilitating my knee at the Barcelona hospital. It coincided right with the tournament, I wasn’t even aware. I saw people with snowshoes at the hotel and thought “good” … Later I found out that there was a tournament. It was that I was doing full rehab there: I had three or four shifts. In the morning work in a pool, at noon strength work and in the afternoon massage, ice and others, “explained the Kun. “We were several Argentines and they began to say that you were there. We went to greet you, and you ended up living in front of my room! ”Said the tennis player.

In that dialogue, the striker emerged from Independiente de Avellaneda confessed what is the phrase Guardiola said when he asked him to leave training to treat his knee: “It was a spectacular recovery. I put it to full. I did not rush either, because I asked for permission at the club, I stopped playing the last two months that were missing, we were already champions of the Premier. Pep, obviously, the first thing he said to me was: “Forget Sergio, recover from your knee and prepare for the World Cup”. So they behaved the truth well. “

The current number 13 ATP ranking had invited the striker to his debut in the tournament, but Agüero could not go: “Thank goodness you didn’t go because Tsitsipas grabbed me (NdR: 2-6 and 1-6), who at that time had played the classification and was starting … It ended up ending! ”.

Omen: Sure, this guy came after, we were talking. A little boy … He was big! It’s tall isn’t it How do you get three heads off to play?

Schwartzman: I run like a bastard! It’s like when you fight with the giant centrals, with that van Dijk.

Omen: Does the height serve for the serve?

Schwartzman: The height is more useful for the service, but apart from the service, what is most useful is when you have the long arm, the longest lever, because you generate much more force to the ball.

Omen: For example, Del Potro gets him strong, because he’s big …

Schwartzman: He has more possibilities of hitting him hard, he is big, heavy, he has good technique and he puts all the weight of the body, the height, that is how he enters the ball

In the middle of that friendly and informative crossing, the Kun He relived his days as a footballer for Atlético de Madrid (from 2006 to 2011) and recalled when he shared a tennis match with the Uruguayan Diego Forlán: “I play, but now it has been a long time since I played. Do you know who plays very well? The first time I went to play tennis Diego Forlan invited me. He said “let’s play” and Maxi Rodríguez also “let’s go, let’s go”. I went, they told me we played in pairs. I see that we are going to play and it begins to heat the serves … When I threw the ball I would put it (look from side to side disoriented). Stop, I say, is that the warm-up? No, I can’t play like that, just play by yourself! And I just sat there. I told them I look at you, you guys play .. I was breaking it!